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Mar. 26th, 2012


Long time...

So it been a real long time since i posted anything on here...but I have just not been doing anything interesting...until the weekend just gone...(Oh and went to Chili peppers gig in November which was ace...and Rammstein...but you all heard about them from Kel ^^ which saved me writing about them)

On Friday I went into town with Kel for some spending, and then we went for tea later. But between town and tea I nearly got run over by a jewish boy bezzing round the corner on a scooter which was random.

And on saturday I went to work...and after an hours work and an hour dinner ended up being sent to A and E with pains in my chest. Nothing serious, just muscles that are hurt. But the were sneaky and waited until I was on my way to one of the cubicles to say they were taking blood for tests...sneaky NHS people.

And that is about it. Since then all I've done is sit on my bottom with ibruprofen and heat packs...that is pretty much all I'm allowed to do at the moment. But hey ho should be okay in a week or so :P

Sep. 6th, 2011


(no subject)

This is what I spent my day doing...
Years ago a friend at uni (the first time round...which shows how long ago it was) got me a 'paint yout own piggy bank' for christmas....and he's been sat in the cellar all naked since as I had no idea what to paint on him. (I sneaked out of the 'paint your own cup' by getting all my uni mates to paint something on it) but I finally decided what to paint on him....and after eightish hours here is the final result...minus to baking to seal the paint. 

I know the lines aren't very straight and the writing is messy but...painting in a pig turns out to be quite difficult...especially when holding him upside down...^^

Meet Lord Monty Pigglepuff the Seventh. [info]

darktwinkle named him....and I think it fits quite well.
 (Sorry the photos are so big...I forgot to make them smaller...and yes he is the messy kitchen...not very Lord like of him)

For those interested there are more pics of Lord Monty under the cut...including Badgers ^^ 

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Aug. 9th, 2011


I'm actually doing work...well sort of

So I don't usually get all politial or anything...but hey ho.
While doing some reading for assignment I was reminded that Article 11 of the european convention of human rights says that people have the right to assembly and association. Maybe all these rioting idiots need reminding that the paragraph underneath states "peaceful assembly." Then also the next section states "

"No restrictions shall be placed on the exercise of these rights other than such as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime,..." so...to me that states do whatever it takes to stop them hurting people and breaking the law because this is a  lawful restriction on their right to assembly.

If only my work involved looking up legal stand points for taking action against rioting mobs...

And this is not me finding a way to procrastinate at all...:P


Jul. 25th, 2011


Random update

So, I haven't said much recently...but I've not been doing alot.
Placement,,,Morrisons...placement...driving...working...placement...I'm guessing you get the picture ^^

I did go to Eden Camp with my sister, her kids, her other half, my mam and Kelly (seen as she in an honorary family member :P) It was fun and Jack really enjoyed it.

Urmm...oh I hurt my ankle last week, and as it is still hurting I decided to seak medical advice today. Turns out I have Achilles Tendonitis. (Basically it's like RSI but in my foot) and it may be still bad for a few weeks or months...but hey ho at least it started when I only have a couple of weeks left of placement rather than at the start ^^

But yeah...finish placement in just over a week...or 7 more communtes ^^ Then back to uni in september...so I will actually have some time off this summer which is good :)

So yeah...suppose I just wanted to say...look I'm not dead honest...and once all this work for placement is finished I may have chance to catch up with some peoples ^^

Jun. 12th, 2011


How do...

Hey up...hows you all doing?

I haven't posted much lately but all I've really done is work and work again, but now I have some things to talk about...now that I know how interesting they will be for everyone else..

I've had 4 days off placement (Tuesday-Friday) and this is how I spent it...

Tuesday - Went to the friendship group at the place I used to volunteer whicg was nice. Then spent the afternoon with my sister and nephews, and went to my first Zumba class in the evening. Was fun...tiring but fun.

Wednesday - Had a stupidly early driving lesson (7am) and then went to Manchester to see Journey...which was also fun. While there my stepdads friend called to tell us about some last minute £20 take that tickets...so I got my younger sister to book some, and because she didn't read properly she booked them for saturday instead of friday....bit of a panic.

Thursday - Got up at 9.00 to phone to see if could change dates on tickets to friday, and thankfully the people were really nice (ticketline) and changed them for us...and even gave me £6 back as the booking fee had gone through wrong and I have been over charged. Then went to watch my nephews swimming lessons...oh and some revision for theory test. (Basically a quiet day.)

Friday - Got up to take theory test (which I passed, yeeey ^^) and then (finally) got to go see Take That XD I spent most of the day super excited and on the verge of exploding. There was lots of singing, dancing and shouting/screaming. Oh and a big robot. But I don't want to bore peoples with the full low down of what it was like (and I could go on for ages about it...)

Then from Saturday was back at work and things went back to normal...oh except being at home for weekend rather than Kel and Clares flat...which was really wierd..woke up today thinking it was tuesday for some reason...

But hey ho...thats my (possibly not particularly exciting for everyone else) week. But it deffinately better than the got up, went to placement, came home, had tea, went to bed weeks that I have had for a while.

May. 12th, 2011


Eurovision Semi Final 1

Okays...so here is what i thought about the countries in semi final 1...bit more in this than number 2 but hey ho ^^

Really liked:

Quite liked:
Turkey (though sounded kind of like U2...maNga last time were much better ^^

Croatia (though what was with the top hat magacian man??)
Poland (though was a bit girls aloud sounding)

Russia - kind of 80s/90s but catchy
Georgia - sort of nu metally but nothing fab
Finland - chorus catchy. Bit preachy. Bit of a crap version of one last year
San Marino - nothing special.
Iceland - quite a nice meaning for them, but nowt fab
Lithuania - sounded like something from Disney
Portugal - not sure what to make of it. catchy but nothing particulalry good
Azerbaijan - pants. that is about it. It was pants
Greece - hip hop and opera sounding singing? What? (Bring back ooopah!)

Don't know how well UK will do with Blue but...hey ho stranger things have happened...^^

Eurovision Semi Final 2

Okay...so have not watched all of the first semi final but...okays here is what I think of number 2...

I liked:
Israel - Dana International back ^^
Ireland....yes Jedward basically are rubbish but they work real well for Eurovision...all kinds of cheesy and catchy.

Also catchy are:

Maldova were all kinds of scarey...like wierd smurfs/gnomes but was catchy
And no idea what the woman in the Cyprus one with the wailing was all about...

So yeah...that is my basic run down of Eurovision 2nd Semi final

Yeeeey Eurovision XD

Apr. 29th, 2011


Wedding ^^

Yes I watched the wedding (intended on putting it on to annoy step father but ended up leaving it on) and I really enjoyed it.

I like a good wedding ^^ I made me smile a bit.
Was also fun watchin all the background people

Though a little upset that Prince Harry isn't properly ginger anymore...

Apr. 26th, 2011


Just in case you haven't seen it already...

Just in case you haven't seen it either on the TV, internet or following this link already...I shall share it again :P


It's all kinds of awesome...and yes I be that geeky ^^

Jan. 24th, 2011


Hey all

 Brief catch up before I head for an early night...yes I am aware it is half past nine...I intend on reading a bit to try and stay awake a bit longer. (I would work on a bunny but my lap top power adapter decided to completely die last night, so am currently waiting on one in the post.)

Got Uni results for my first year the other day...and I passed everything, which is good. Technically now I have a diploma with ability to continue onto the MA or somthing mad. But way hay I passed. (I'm sure you probably all know this already anyways.)

Today was my first day of my second, and should be last placement. 1 down 119 to go. I think it's going to be really good, really busy and really different. All the staff are really nice and supportive and there'll be more students from next week so it will be good to have someone to run ideas and questions by who is in the same boat. I hope I get used to the 6am wake ups and 7.15 set off...surprisingly thw 1 1/2 hours travel is quite nice. Chance to wake up and catch up on some reading before I get there and have to be alert. Though I may change this view by the end of the week ^^  (I will possibly not get out of bed at all on sundays now if I can help it....or unti I have to go home from Kel and Clares flat where I end up most saturday nights.)

Going to Cardiff not this weekend but next. My doctor who/ torchwood fan geek is getting all excited....so basically I am :P I am also liking the fact that being there means I'm not at work *does a little dance*

Then the wisdom teeth are coming out on the 15th of february. Finally. So I shall get a few days off then, unfortunately not for better reasons but hey ho. The devil teeth (what i also call them when they're being painful) will soon be gone *does another little dance,*

Right, well bedtime for me....well pajamas and reading time, and if I start to drift off I may have to get the playstation on. Though trying to avoid that as Final Fantasy 8, Devil May cry and Guitar Hero have all been proven to steal hours and you get not much further in the game...I dont want to be up until 1 am in a cowboy hat trying to get Irvine to kill the sorceress...Yes I started it again a bit back and although I cant really remember what I have to do I'm not starting yet again as it will take ages to get back to getting Irvine.

And now that rant is over I'm deffinately heading off.

Night night

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